Reliable Oil Seal Vacuum Pumps for sustainable operation in demanding applications

JD VACUUM SERVICE, Oil seal vacuum pump are used in all areas of vacuum engineering and are equally suited for both industrial production as well as research applications.

Oil seal vacuum pump

Oil seal vacuum pumps are preferred for their reliability, low cost, and proven technology. The use of oil enables higher compression ratios and better internal cooling behavior. Oil seal vacuum pump have proven their performance in harsh applications such as food, heat treatment, and coating as well as proven reliability in long-cycle applications such as mass spectrometry.

Of the various vacuum pump technologies, rotary vane pumps are considered positive displacement pumps. These pumps work by mechanically trapping a volume of gas and moving it through the pump, creating low pressure on the inlet side.

They are often called “wet” pumps because the gas being pumped is exposed to oil which is used as a lubricant to achieve a lower ultimate pressure. The oil is carefully selected and specially designed for the application.

Oil seal Rotary vane vacuum pumps are built in single- and two-stage versions. Two-stage pumps achieve lower ultimate pressures than single-stage pumps.

Oil seal vacuum pump pumps have a good tolerance to water vapour by opening the gas ballast. To extend the life of your vacuum pumps, conduct oil changes as part of your routine maintenance.


  • Distillation
  • Dehydration And Filtration Processes
  • Exhausting Electronic Tubes – GLS Lamps – Mercury Vapor Lamp And Tubes
  • Vacuum Metallurgy – Vacuum Sublimation – Vacuum Impregnation – Thin Film Coating
  • Refrigerator And Air Conditional Servicing
  • Freeze Drying Of Foods


  • Simple And Rugged Construction
  • Trouble-Free Operation
  • Easily Handle Dust Laded Gases
  • Built In Anti Suck Facility To Prevent Back Of Oil
  • Durable Construction For Long-Lasting Performance
  • Easy Maintenance And User-Friendly Design



Warranty & Service:

The Oil Seal Vacuum Pump comes with a comprehensive 1-year warranty, ensuring peace of mind for users. Additionally, JDO offers excellent customer service to address any queries or concerns promptly.

Other Users Opinion:

Users rave about the Oil Seal Vacuum Pump’s reliability and consistent performance. Its versatility and ease of use have garnered positive feedback across industries.

Oil Sealed High Vacuum Pump stands as a top choice for those seeking unparalleled suction power and reliability in their operations.