Vacuum Pump Manufacturers In India

Vacuum Vump Manufacturers – JD VACUUM SERVICE is leading and Providing you with the Best Quality Vacuum Pump Manufacturers, Suppliers, and Exporters in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.

We have all types of Vacuum Pumps like the Wate ring Vacuum Pump, Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump, High Vacuum Pump, Rotary Vacuum Pump & Monoblock Water ring Pump.

Vacuum pump Manufacturers

Vacuum Pump Manufacturers

There are many manufacturers of vacuum pumps, ranging from small specialized companies to large multinational corporations. Here are some well-known manufacturers:

JD VACUUM SERVICE: a global leader in  vacuum pump, water ring vacuum pump, monoblock water ring vacuum pump, oil seal vacuum pump dry vacuum pump, and vacuum system.

Busch: a manufacturer of a wide range of vacuum pumps, including rotary vane pumps, dry screw pumps, and claw pumps.

Edwards Vacuum: a manufacturer of a wide range of vacuum pumps, including rotary vane pumps, turbo pumps, and dry pumps.

Leybold: a manufacturer of high-quality vacuum pumps, including turbomolecular pumps, dry compressing pumps, and roots pumps.

Pfeiffer Vacuum: a manufacturer of a wide range of vacuum pumps, including turbomolecular pumps, diaphragm pumps, and scroll pumps.

Welch Vacuum: a manufacturer of vacuum pumps and systems for laboratory, industrial, and educational applications, including rotary vane pumps, diaphragm pumps, and dry pumps.

These are just a few examples of the many vacuum pump manufacturers out there. When choosing a vacuum pump, it’s important to consider your specific needs and applications to find the best fit.

All Type Vacuum Pump Manufacturers, Suppliers, And Exporters

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Are Used In Various Application Such As Pharmaceutical, Chemicals, Petro-chemical & Food Processing Industries, Breweries & Distilleries, Confectionery, Plastic, Textiles, Garment & Leather Processing Industries, Paper Mills, Sugar Industries, Power Plants, Furnaces, Tiles & Ceramics Industries, Cement Plants & Fertilizer Plants, Metallurgical Laboratories and is suitable for a host of other Vacuum applications like Vacuum Conveying, Packaging, Extrusion, Priming, Dehydration, Filtration & Sterilizing, etc.

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JDWV 2285080510
JDWV 328501207.514
JDWV 414501607.515
JDWV 514502201020
JDWV 614503301530
JDWV 714504402040
JDWV 89807203060
JDWV 99808453580
JDWV 10980108050100
JDWV 1172515006510
JDWV 12725202590200


Single Stage

  • Maximum Vacuum: 710 mm of hg
  • Maximum Capacity: 90m3/hr to 2080 m3/hr
  • Power: 5 hp to 90 hp

Two Stage

  • Maximum Vacuum: 720 mm of hg
  • Maximum Capacity: 50m3/hr to 400 m3/hr
  • Power: 3 hp to 20 hp

Oil Seal Vacuum Pump

  • Max. Capacity: 50 LPM to 20,000 Lpm (3.06 M3/ 1204 M3/hr.)
  • Max. Vacuum: Single Stage: 0.05 mm of Hg.
  • Max. Vacuum: Two-Stage: 0.005 mm of Hg.
  • Recommend Motor: 0.25 HP to 25 HP, 1450 RPM, Pump Speed: 500 RPM

Material Of Construction:

• PSS/CSS 304
• PSS/CSS 316
• Cast Iron


• Simple Construction High Capacity
• Trouble Free Operation
• Low Maintenance