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An oil sealed rotary high vacuum pump is a type of vacuum pump that uses rotating blades or vanes to create a vacuum by drawing gas molecules from a chamber or system. The pump is sealed with oil, which provides lubrication and also serves as a barrier to prevent gas from leaking back into the system.

Oil Sealed Rotary High Vacuum Pump

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single stage rotary vane vacuum pumps are commonly used in a variety of applications that require high levels of vacuum, such as in research laboratories, semiconductor manufacturing, and vacuum coating processes. They can achieve high vacuum levels of up to 10^-6 Torr or even lower.

These pumps operate by using a rotor with vanes that rotate within a stator, creating a series of expanding and contracting chambers. As the rotor turns, gas molecules are drawn into the chambers and compressed before being discharged through an exhaust port. The oil seal around the rotor prevents gas from escaping back into the chamber.

Maintenance is important for oil seal rotary high vacuum pumps, as the oil can become contaminated with gas ballast and other impurities. The oil needs to be changed periodically, and the pump should be cleaned and inspected regularly to ensure optimal performance.

oil seal rotary high vacuum pump for laboratory

Oil seal rotary high vacuum pumps are commonly used in laboratory settings for a variety of applications that require high levels of vacuum, such as in chemical and materials research, physics experiments, and other scientific applications.

In laboratories, oil seal rotary high vacuum pumps are used to create and maintain a high vacuum environment, which is important for a wide range of research and analytical techniques. Some of the specific applications of these pumps in laboratories include:

  • Mass spectrometry: Mass spectrometers require a high vacuum environment to operate, and oil seal rotary high vacuum pumps are often used to create and maintain this vacuum.
  • Electron microscopy: Electron microscopes use high vacuum environments to avoid interference from air molecules, and oil seal rotary high vacuum pumps can be used to create and maintain this vacuum.
  • Thin film deposition: Many thin film deposition techniques, such as physical vapor deposition, require a high vacuum environment to create high-quality films. Oil seal rotary high vacuum pumps are often used in these applications to create and maintain the necessary vacuum.
  • Chemical and materials research: In chemistry and materials science, oil seal rotary high vacuum pumps are used in a variety of applications, such as to create a vacuum for distillation or to maintain a vacuum during reactions.

Overall, oil seal rotary high vacuum pumps are an essential tool in many laboratory settings and are widely used in scientific research and experimentation.

Oil Sealed Rotary High Vacuum Pump Manufacturer in India

Oil Sealed Rotary High Vacuum with robust construction and utmost efficiency from the quality vacuum products Oil SEAL Vacuum Pump Manufacturers & Suppliers in India.

We manufacture products using the simplest quality raw materials after being thoroughly inspected by our quality supervisors. Moreover, all parts also are machined, micro-finished also, and assembled carefully to shut tolerances so as to take care of maximum efficiency for an extended time.

oil seal rotary vacuum pump

We always adopt and implement cutting-edge technology to make sure the optimum performance, durability, finishing, standards, corrosion resistance, and longer lifetime of our products.

Single Stage Technical Specification

Pump ModelLPMCFMUltimate Vacuum
mm of Hg
Oil Filling Ltrs.
JDO - 50 S501.80.050.252
JDO - 100 S1003.50.050.252
JDO - 150 S1505.30.050.54
JDO - 300 S30010.60.0516
JDO - 500 S50017.60.051.58
JDO - 750 S75026.50.05210
JDO - 1000 S100035.50.05318
JDO - 1500 S1500530.05320
JDO - 2000S200070.50.05525
JDO - 3000 S30001060.05535
JDO - 5000 S50001770.057.540
JDO - 7500 S75002650.051050
JDO - 10000 S100003540.0512.555
JDO - 12000 S120004250.051560
JDO - 15000 S150005310.051565
JDO - 20000 S200007080.052570

Double Stage Technical Specification

Pump ModelLPMCFMUltimate Vacuum
mm of Hg
Oil Filling Ltrs.
JDO - 50 T501.80.0050.252
JDO - 100 T1003.50.0050.53
JDO - 150 T1505.30.00515
JDO - 300 T30010.60.0051.58
JDO - 500 T50017.60.0051.58
JDO - 750 T75026.50.005310
JDO - 1000 T100035.50.005318
JDO - 1500 T1500530.005325
JDO - 2000 T200070.50.005530
JDO - 3000 T30001060.0057.540
JDO - 5000 S50001770.0051045
JDO - 7500 T75002650.00512.555
JDO - 10000 T100003540.0051555
JDO - 12000 T120004250.0051565
JDO - 15000 T150005310.0052070
JDO - 20000 T200007080.0052580

Oil Sealed Rotary High Vacuum Pump best price India

Owing to competitive prices, planet-class quality, standards, and long operational life, our Oil sealed rotary high vacuum pump (laboratory Models) becomes the foremost preferable choice of consumers.

Rotary pump

High Vacuum Pumps are available in Single & Double stages directly coupled to the motor flange or with V-Belt driven. Directly coupled to a motor flange the pumps are compact in size, and evenly balanced with an exceptional size-to-performance ratio. V-Belt-driven pumps are supplied with an air or water-cooled jacket. Available in various capacities.


Our oil seal vacuum pumps are oil-immersed, rotary vane-type pumps. The rotor, with two spring-loaded vanes, is mounted eccentrically within the stator body. because the rotor, rotates the vanes sweep the crescent shapes, and air space twice in each revolution. there’s an in-built non-return valve that prevents backflow parts from being precisely machined, ground, and assembled with close tolerances.

With our specially designed pumps, maximum vacuum is often achieved during a very short period. Thus, the increase in the temperature of the unit is successfully checked and therefore the wear and tear of its components also are reduced. Hence, our oil seal air pump has emerged as an extended-lasting, noiseless, and trouble-free performer for years.


Our Oil Seal Vacuum pumps are widely utilized in different areas of vacuum engineering. it’s useful in generating a rough and also as a medium vacuum. it’s also used as a backing pump together with high-air pumps or root vacuum pumps. it’s very suitable for research applications and industrial production.


After years of experience and ongoing research, stringent internal control, and a watch on the manufacturing process, our technocrats endeavor to manufacture products that help customers to reinforce the efficacy of their process.

Our OIL SEALED ROTARY HIGH VACUUM pumps are efficiently utilized in various applications.

  • Laboratory Application
  • Of Chemical Plant
  • Distillation
  • Vacuum Drying
  • Gas Charging
  • R&D Center Vacuum
  • Impregnation, Packing
  • Forming Coating
  • Relevant Recovery
  • Re-refining of oil
  • Dehydration
  • Filtration Processes
  • Thin Film Coating
  • Vacuum Metallurgy
  • Vacuum Sublimation

Our oil seal vacuum pump comprises several useful features like

  • Robust Construction
  • Compact, well-designed, and low-weight model
  • Maximum Efficiency
  • Trouble-free operation
  • Easy and fast arrangement to change the oil
  • Thoroughly tested for seamless operation
  • Easily handle dust-laded gases
  • Built-in anti-suck facility to prevent back of oil


Air admittance Valve: It is an electromagnetic solenoid type that admits air into the system as soon as the power supply fails.


  • Laboratory Application of chemical Plant.
  • R&D Centre Vacuum Impregnation, Packing
  • Vacuum Drying, Forming Coating
  • Lamp Industries, Leak Detection,
  • Cryogenics, Distillation.Re-refining of oil


  • Max. Capacity: 50 LPM to 20,000 Lpm (3.06 M3/hr.to
  • 1204M3/hr.)
  • Max. Vacuum: Single Stage: 0.05 mm of Hg.
  • Max. Vacuum: Two-Stage: 0.005 mm of Hg.
  • Recommend Motor: 0.25 HP to 25 HP, 1450 RPM Pump
  • Speed: 500RPM

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