water ring vacuum pump are available in single- and two-stage versions. In single-stage versions, compression is carried out once. In two-stage versions, the pumped medium is compressed again to allow higher vacuum levels to be achieved. Operation as a compressor is also possible with some models of water ring vacuum pumps.

Water ring vacuum pump

Depending on the pumped medium, water ring vacuum pumps can be operated as a simple continuous flow system or as a partial or total recirculation system.

The operating fluid is usually water, but other liquids may be used if required to suit the process conditions.

Product seriesUltimate VACUUMVersion
JD700 MM/HGMono block water ring vacuum pump
JDWV710 MM/HGsingle-stage vacuum pump
JDWVS720 MM/HGtwo-stage vacuum pump / compressor


water ring vacuum pumps and compressors are used in various industries. They are suitable for applications ranging from flare gas recovery to wood drying.

Each industry and application has different needs. To find out which vacuum solution fits your needs best, get in touch with our JD VACUUM SERVICE experts.

Find out more about how water ring technology is used in different applications.

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Our water ring vacuum pumps comprise ruggedness and versatility with several more important features as follows.

Product Features

  • Available with either single-stage or two-stage Liquid ring Vacuum Pumps.
  • Designed to be environmentally friendly and eliminate pollution.
  • Reduced service Liquid consumption.
  • The completed package design includes all necessary components.
    Available in a wide choice of materials.
  • Control Valve and instrumentation are also available for fully automatic operation.
  • Custom design according to customers’ specifications is the specialty.
  • Electrical Control Panel, Including skid wiring available as an option.
  • All pumps include mechanical Shaft Seals as standard practice.
  • Available with either shell & tube or plate type heat exchanger for maximum heat transfer efficiency and minimum cooling water requirements.

It can serve a wide range of applications in different industries such as

  • Paper
  • Chemicals
  • Mining
  • Fertilizer
  • Petrochemical
  • Petroleum Industry
  • Textile Industry
  • Metalwork Industry
  • Oil And Gas
  • General
  • Manufacturing
  • Automotive Industry
  • Vapor Extraction
  • Power Generation
  • Equipment
  • Food Processing
  • Seawater Deaeration
  • Brick Extrusion