Roots blower sewage effluent treatment plant in india

We’re the manufacturer of ETP/ STP roots blower also known as roots blower (twin lobe compressor) for aeration purpose is veritably effective to make pressure and mass inflow rate ( capacity) as asked value with suitable design and models.

Roots blower sewage effluent treatment plant

Roots blower sewage effluent treatment plant

stp plant

ETP/ STP roots blower is generally used for aeration in the ETP tank.

etp plant full form

Effluent treatment plant commonly known as ETP or ETP plant, is a waste water treatment process (WWTP) used for treating the waste water & to meet pollution board laid disposal guidelines & norms.

The essential function of an aeration roots blower is to fulfill oxygen demands and maintain the treatment process at the smallest possible costs. A common dimension of a proper tailwind for the treatment process is to check the do ( dissolved oxygen) attention.

Product Details

Approx. Price: Rs 35,000 / Unit

Minimum Order Quantity1 Unit
Warranty1 Year
Usage/ApplicationRoots blower sewage effluent treatment plant
TypePositive Displacement Type
Pressure0.1 kg/cm2 to 1.0 kg/cm2
Motor Power1 HP to 80 HP
Air Flow15 m3/hr to 1250 m3/hr
Features100 % Oil Free Compression
Cooling TypeAir Cooled & Water Cooled Both
Drive MethodV-Belt Drive
Noise LevelMedium Noise
MaintenanceLow Maintenance
SeriesJDVC Series
Material of Construction:
  • Rotor Pair: Lobe-SG Iron
  • Casing: CI-IS 210 FG 260
  • Cover: CI-IS 210 FG 260
  • Gear: Pair 20 Mn Cr5
  • Bearing: SKF, ZKL
Accessories Included:
  • Suction Silencer
  • Suction Filter
  • Discharge Silencer
  • Non-Return Valve
  • Base Frame with Slide Rail
  • Pressure Safety Valve
  • V-Belt Guard
  • V-Pulley for Machine and Motor
  • V-Belt Set
  • Pressure Gauge