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Roots Blower Repair

root blower repair you need to have some technical knowledge, such as taking the dimensions to identify the parts of the root blower and identifying the toolbox.

roots blower repair
Roots blower Dismantling

Roots blower Dismantling

Before open, the Root Blower, understand what the problem

  • Bearing problem
  • Oil seal leakage
  • Rotor sound
  • Rubbing with rotor body
  • Rub with rotor man cover
  • Getting oil in the body
  • Gear sound

Main body (casing)

Mainly main body damage is minimal. Main body damage is usually caused by a bad bearing or a broken bearing that cannot be repaired and needs to be replaced.

Main cover

Most of the damage to the main cover is caused by overheating of the bearing. The time in the bearing is due to not doing oil greasing. This causes the bearing to freeze due to overheating and the bearing does not work properly with the shaft resulting in damage to the housing. The bearing housing can be repaired with a sleeve.

Roots blower for spare parts

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