Roots blower repair and service


The roots blower is a device that helps to remove air from the root zone of your cannabis plants. This allows for better aeration and ventilation of the plant’s roots. If your roots blower is not working properly, then the airflow may be too strong or weak. In either case, this can cause damage to the roots blower.

Roots Blower Replacement Parts

If your roots blower has broken down, then you need to replace the parts. You should always make sure that you are using the correct replacement parts for your specific model. Otherwise, you could end up damaging your roots blower even further.

Roots Blower Maintenance


It is important to keep your roots blower clean and free of debris. This will help to prevent any blockages and ensure that your roots blower works at its best.

Roots blower repair

JD vacuum Roots Blower Repairing, Servicing. We are providing repair and services on all brands of positive displacement blowers, Twin lobe blowers, Tri lobe blowers, and vacuum pumps. We are factory authorized to perform work and we use genuine OEM parts in our repairs. For more information please call or look at our list below to see what air blowers we service & repair.

When you send your positive displacement blower to Air blower services, we disassemble and inspect the unit and report its current condition and what actions are required to restore the unit. If it’s in your best interest to repair the unit, we then rebuild the unit to factory tolerances, including any required machining. Painting the unit, cleaning the head plates and bead blasting of impellers and cylinders are included in the repair.

Before returning your blower, we also mechanically test every blower to ensure the unit meets factory standards.

why have my blowers stopped working

  1. Blower motors are often the first thing that goes out on a cannabis grower’s equipment. This can happen due to many reasons including poor maintenance, overuse, or even damage from pests. If your blower motor has gone out, you may need to replace it.
  2. When looking at your blower motor, make sure that the fan blades are not bent or broken. If they are, then this could cause the blower to run slower than normal. If the blades are damaged, you should consider replacing them.
  3. Make sure that the blower motor is connected properly to the rest of the system. If the blower motor is not connected correctly, it could cause problems with other parts of the system.
  4. Check the connections between the blower motor and the power supply. If any of these connections are loose, this could cause the blowers to stop working.
  5. Make sure that the air filter is clean and free of debris. If the air filter is clogged, this could prevent airflow through the blower.
  6. If the blower is still not working after checking all of the above, you may need to contact a professional electrician to help diagnose the problem.

Blower types:

  1. Positive displacement blower repair
  2. Roots blower repair
  3. Twin lobe blower repair
  4. Tri lobe blower repair
  5. Side-channel blower repair
  6. Aeration blower repair
  7. Wastewater treatment blower repair
  8. Pond aeration blower repair
  9. Aquaculture blower repair
  10. Pneumatic conveying blower repair
  11. High-pressure blower repair
  12. Cement conveying blower repair
  13. Fly ash conveying blower repair
  14. RMC blower repair
  15. Twin lobe compressor repair
  16. Tri lobe compressor repair
  17. Hot air blower repair