Air Aeration roots Blower

An ETP and STP Aeration roots Blower is a type of blower or compressor that is specifically designed for use in aeration systems. Aeration systems are used in various applications such as wastewater treatment, aquaculture, and industrial processes to introduce air into the system to promote biological processes, facilitate mixing, and increase oxygen transfer rates.

aeration roots blower

ETP and STP Aeration roots Blower, also known as air blowers or air pumps, are devices used in various industrial and commercial applications to provide high volumes of air or gas at low pressure. They are particularly useful in wastewater treatment plants, where they are used to aerate the water to promote the growth of beneficial microorganisms that break down organic matter.

Aeration roots blowers are designed based on the principle of positive displacement, which means that they trap a certain volume of air or gas and then force it out through an outlet. They consist of two or more rotors that are mounted on parallel shafts and rotate in opposite directions within a casing. As the rotors turn, they trap air or gas in the spaces between the lobes and the casing and then push it out through the outlet.

Aeration roots blowers are commonly used in wastewater treatment plants because they are efficient, reliable, and require relatively little maintenance. They can also be used in other applications such as pneumatic conveying, vacuum lifting, and industrial process air supply.

Product Details:

  • Minimum Order: Quantity 1 Unit
  • Type: Positive Displacement Type
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Usage/Application: Aeration Purpose in Effluent & Sewage Treatment Plant
  • Pressure: 0.1 kg/cm2 to 1.0 kg/cm2
  • Motor Power: 1 HP to 80 HP
  • Air Flow: 15 m3/hr to 1250 m3/hr
  • Features: 100 % Oil Free Compression
  • Cooling Type: Air Cooled & Water Cooled Both
  • Drive Method: V-Belt Drive
  • Noise Level: Medium Noise
  • Maintenance: Low Maintenance
  • Series: JDVC Series

ETP and STP Aeration Blower Manufacturer

We are the manufacturer of ETP/STP blower also known as root blower (rotary compressor) for aeration purpose is very efficient to make pressure and mass flow rate (capacity) as desired value with suitable design and models. ETP/STP blower is generally used for aeration in the ETP tank.

The essential function of an aeration blower is to fulfill oxygen demands and maintain the treatment process at the lowest possible costs. A common measurement of proper airflow for the treatment process is to check the do (dissolved oxygen) concentration.

Material of Construction:

Rotor Pair: Lobe-SG Iron
Casing: CI-IS 210 FG 260
Cover: CI-IS 210 FG 260
Gear: Pair 20 Mn Cr5
Bearing: SKF, ZKL

Accessories Included:

Suction Silencer
Suction Filter
Discharge Silencer
Non Return Valve
Base Frame with Slide Rail
Pressure Safety Valve
V-Belt Guard
V-Pulley for Machine and Motor
V-Belt Set
Pressure Gauge

Additional Information:

Production Capacity: 25 Units per months
Delivery Time: 4 to 5 working days