Roots blower

1 HP Roots air blower

1 hp roots air blower price in India. JD vacuum service is a roots blower manufacturer and supplier in Gujrat, India. We are into full-fledged manufacturing of a good range of Twin Lobe Roots blower Exhausters. Over a period of time, we have developed a series of Twin Lobe Roots blowers / Roots blowers having unmatched quality & performance. These Twin Lobe Roots blowers are specially designed for continuous applications, demanding constant flow at varying discharge pressures, such as in E.T.P, Pneumatic Conveying, etc.

roots blower price

Roots Air Blower

This 1 HP Roots Air Blower is perfect for any indoor grower who wants to keep their roots dry. This unit has a powerful motor that allows it to blow at high speeds. It can easily move large amounts of water from your grow room to your reservoir. You can use this air blower to remove excess moisture from your roots, keeping them healthy and happy.

The 1HP Roots Air Blowers are designed to help you maintain optimal humidity levels in your grow room. These units have powerful motors that allow them to blow at high speeds, making them ideal for removing excess moisture from your roots. They come equipped with a built-in filter system that keeps your roots clean and free of debris.

1HP Roots Air Blowers

These 1HP Roots Air Blowing Units are great for maintaining optimal humidity levels in your indoor grow room. With powerful motors, these units can blow at high speeds, allowing them to remove excess moisture from the roots of your plants. They come equipped with built-in filters that keep your roots clean and free from debris.

roots blower price
Pressure0.1 kg/cm2 to 0.5kg/cm2
Power1 HP to 5 HP
Warranty12 Months
Capacity70 m3/hr to 220 m3/hr
MaterialCast Iron
Blower typePositive Displacement
Usage/ApplicationRMC Plant, ETP/STP Plant Aeration Purpose
Air FlowVertical / Horizontal
Cooling TypeAir Cooled